Weight Loss

Gary Gramolini, D.O.

Family Care

Weight Loss Program

Proven program for over 50 years that utilizes a healthy well balanced diet with safe and proven medications.

Family Practice

Dr. Gramolini is board certified in Family Practice.  He sees primary care patients in his Tulsa office.


Dr. Gramolini has experience in knowing which medication regimen is the best for a particular patient and the best diet plan to assist each patient in permanent weight loss. The most common statement by DOCS' patients is "It Finally Makes Sense".

Some patients have used similar programs unsuccessfully in the past because of little or poor information given with the medications.  Dr. Gramolini spends time with each patient to make sure they have a full understanding what they can do to help their medications work the best.

Dr. Gramolini commonly uses two appetite supressants because for many the first medication will stop working before the evening when many people have their biggest problems.

A common combination usually includes phentermine and phendimetrazine, though other combinations can be used.  Low dose thyroid and/or a diuretic can also be used if requested.

With experience and knowledge of medications and nutrition, he will answer all questions about weight loss fads and medications.

Because of Dr. Gramolini's knowledge and experience in healthy weight loss and maintenance many physicians refer their patients to him.